expansive network revenue generating platform

Moon is an ecosystem committed to the goal of providing an expansive and evolving technology platform. Utilizing the potential of the blockchain, Moon will host a staking, farming, P2E gaming platforms, and more. Moon allows you to earn passive income through our utilities reward system.

What is expansive network revenue generating platform?

Expansive Network

As the world shifts from the ways of old, into a more advanced technological state, blockchain technology is at the forefront of this paradigm. With countless ways to utilize the ever growing space of networks, Moon will provide an expansive network of revenue generating platforms, and will evolve as the technology progresses.

Within our Moon Mission, holders will be able to earn rewards for staking, farming, P2E gaming, and more. But, most importantly, Moon will reach out to a wider network of individuals and groups, outside of those who understand and invest in cryptocurrency.

Stake your holdings to gain passive income


Staking allows a holder to verify transactions in a more energy efficient and eco-friendly manner, while providing rewards to stake holders.

You commit your crypto assets to help maintain the security of the network, confirm transactions, and support the efficiency of the network.


Decentralized Exchange


MoonDex is an ecosystem committed to providing the consumer with an elite, easily navigated trading experience. MoonDex makes it simple for traders to view their portfolio, track and trade multiple assets while exploring new projects via the ad and project voting system. Connect your wallet via the multiple options Moon provides, swap your coins and tokens in one place using our multi-bridge swap aggregator. We help investors find new projects while tracking their long holds and short plays. Learn to trade like a pro as we continually add functionality with a sleek design. In future upgrades, utilize a range of trading bots, alerts and stop loss functions that will take your trading to another level

Decentralized Trading Protocol

MoonSwap is a decentralized trading protocol that allows investors to trade on the BSC Network through a PancakeV2 router with a faster network.

MoonSwap aims to bring more utilities to the crypto trading market, and to make it more accessible to everyone, iterating existing technology into better and more polished experience & interface.


We donate to causes you care about

As we reward our holders with many forms of revenue generating platforms, we wondered how we could benefit individuals, and groups, outside of cryptocurrency. How can we leave an everlasting impact on people, that would benefit future generations? We give back, to progress forward.

Yield Farming Pool and Earn APY


Farming a cryptocurrency is an investment strategy that allows asset holders to add their Moon assets to a yield farming pool, in return for an APY.

Harvesting Moon holdings is a risk-free way to earn a passive income, as other potential holders will be able to borrow assets from the lending platform.


Total Supply (2 Billions) $MOON
Token Distribution
65%Stake Rewards
10%Dev & Expansion
8% Owner
6.5% Pre-Sale
6.5% Public/Liquidity
Buy Tax (9%)
6% Dev & Marketing
3% Liquidity
Sell Tax (9%)
6% Dev & Marketing
3% Liquidity


Phase 1
✓ Website and Socials
✓ KYC with Interfi
✓ Moon Swap
✓ Smart Contract Deployment
✓ Pre-sale with PinkSale
✓ Moon Stake Platform
✓ Listing on Coin Market Cap & Coingecko
Phase 2
✓ Moon Stake Partnerships
Moon DEX
Moon Harvest
Establishing Charity Partnership & Donation
Phase 3
Setting Up Moonlight Charity
Moon Play – P2E Gaming Platform
MOON NFT Collection
The Future and Beyond